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dog always be dog

dog-love-on-black-englishhuahaha, dog’s porn! dog always be dog after all…

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walking the dead. coming soon!

x2013-11-29-498_This-Fall.png.pagespeed.ic.bqMaJJkJPpha, lol! the dead walking the dead! true love never ends…

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monster truck!

2013-11-08-monster-truckha! monster truck pun punya perasaan! damn you, humans!

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fly and friends.

111718_thumbhaha, yes better never be able to fly. sudah cukuplah kita diteror kecoa terbang, tidak perlu lagi dengan laba-laba yang terbang kesana-kemari.

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best birthday gift ever?

2013-05-16-birthday-partywhat the hell? best birthday gift ever?

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about 65 million years ago…


teori lainnya kenapa dinosaurus punah. siapa sangka ternyata ada genocide ras reptil oleh ras mamalia? tsk tsk tsk, bloody bastards!

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what money can’t buy? be my genuine friend, please!

money-5617lol, cara yang tepat mengajarkan arti uang yang pada anak anda bung! dasar orang kaya brengsek… but hey,what money can’t buy, huh? priceless? what priceless?

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