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video pekan ini: milosh – slow down.

memasuki musim penghujan yang makin dashyat ini, saya memilih penyanyi asal kanada bernama milosh atau yang sebelumnya dikenal dengan proyek band bernama rhye (yang sempat saya pilih juga beberapa minggu lalu). penyanyi bernama lengkap michael milosh ini punya suara yang akan membuat siapapun yang mendengarnya mendapat mood yang sedih-mungkin cocok buat jadi break-up song. anyway, di cuaca yang serba gloom seperti sekarang ini, milosh akan jadi teman yang setia. dan nikmatin video terbarunya yang berjudul “slow down.”

video diambil dari sini via miloshmakingmusic.

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video pekan ini: rhye – the fall. don’t run away, don’t slip away. don’t ruin this heart of mine

video pekan ini saya memilih duo mike milosh dan robin hannibal atau yang biasa dikenal dengan Rhye. Dan video yang dipilih kali ini berjudul “the fall” yang diambil dari debut album mereka, “woman.” sepertinya suara mike milosh yang merdu ala sade cocok sekali untuk menemani kita bersantai di akhir pekan. cek saja!

Make love to me
One more time
Before you go away
Why can’t you stay?

Ooh, my love
Come home to me
Just for a while
I’ll leave this piece in you
Why can’t you stay?

Don’t run away,
Don’t slip away, my dear
Don’t run away,
Don’t slip away, my dear
Don’t run away
(Don’t ruin this heart of mine)

The sun is gone
It fell into the fall
But I don’t want it this way
Why can’t you stay?

Don’t run away,
Don’t slip away, my dear
Don’t run away,
Don’t slip away, my dear
Don’t run away
(Don’t ruin this heart of mine)
Oh oh

There should be words,
There should be words that explain the way
But I am tongue tied and twisted,
Where’s those words…

Don’t run away,
Don’t slip away, my dear

video diambil dari sini via pitchforktv

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video pekan ini: lovespirals – try to forget. tet’s get away just for today, try to forget…

yak pilihan saya minggu ini jatuh ke salah satu band chill/downtempo/dreampop favorit saya: lovespirals dengan hitsnya “try to forget” yang diambil dari album 5 Years of Chillin.‘ band yang digawangi ryan lum dan anji bee ini sudah memikat saya semenjak pertama kali mendengar musik mereka. tentunya saya sudah mengikuti ryan lum semenjak masih dengan band lamanya “love spirals downwards” yang jauh lebih kelam dibanding lovespirals. dan dengan anji bee, duet sempurna untuk bersantai ria di hari yang indah seperti sekarang ini. ketika sudah memasuki musim penghujan, memang cocok banget mendengarkan band ini.

bersantai dengan lovespirals di di kala hujan rintik-rintik? romantis!

I’ve been thinking about my life
Wondering why its so filled with strife
Things should be easier than this
That is my wish — oh yes, it is

Let’s get away
Just for today
Try to forget

When I lay in my bed at night
Wondering why nothing’s going right
Things should be easier than this
That is my wish — oh yes, it is

Let’s get away
Just for today
Try to forget

Divided by the seasons
Divided by the tides
The days become the reasons
And the meanings of our lives

video diambil dari sini via

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videp pekan ini: general elektriks – take back the instant.

untuk video edisi terakhir di bulan maret ini saya memilih keyboardist asal perancis bernama general elektriks. dengan musik elctronic campur hip hop, dan nuansa eklsperimen dan downtempo, menjadikan musiknya unik dan dipadu dengan video klip yang cukup menarik pula! jadi simak saja video pekan ini untuk menemani akhir pekan yang mendung ini…

Take back the Instant when you brushed him off your shirt
You tried to drag him to the trash
You tried to trade him in for cash
Take back the instant when you blew him off your path
With a kiss reading 20 below zero
Tomorrow is a no-go, a no-go
Cold, cold moment when the first doubt shot through your head
A black ink drip running through the hour-glass
When the lure of man who was wearing you ring
He didn’t match your luscious thoughts tonight
You couldn’t look him in the eye
Awkward is the embrace when it’s not tight, not tight
And so the jewel you once bath had is left crumpled like a collapsed lung
When all you had to do was hang out in the sun, hang out in the sun

Sir, you feel so dignified, your watch is very ornate
But you were just born in the right place
Just born in the right race
You’re climbing Mount Everest now, granting whishes from above
Favors are yours to give, lies are yours to live
Take back the instants that lead you to believe
That the earth shakes ‘cuz you’re not happy
That the sun rises ‘cuz you’re not sleepy
You got the loudest parade in town
Clowns, assassins and crooks
You got ladies in see-through gowns
Reading extracts from your books
Beggars are trailing at the back
Waving from the cardboard float
You’re thinking that from up close
Statistics can be such a drag
Your cup is full now, blood is the color of this wine
And it’s dripping from the ceiling, and it’s making the chandeliers ring
And the instant the ballroom overflows
Your thrones turn into your gallows

video diambil dari sini via

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