because everyone is boring..and because you’re different

why don’t you do the world a favor and just die?

“don’t call me anymore. i hate you. god, you’re persistent. i wouldn’t be caught dead with you. you’re bothering me. there’s no way we can start over again, you jerk! goodbye. i wish you’d think. are you being serious? i have no interest in getting back together with you. look at you. let’s just be friends. this all was just a cheap thing. do i even know you? you’re getting me nervous. why don’t you do the world a favor and just die? who the hell are you? i don’t love you that way. who the hell are you? i couldn’t care less whether you lived or died. i don’t want you in my life. none of your business. to be honest, you get on my nerves. i don’t need you anymore. stop following me around! i can’t do this anymore. don’t get me wrong. why won’t you take “no” for an answer? who would want to go out with you? you’re bothering me. let’s break up! go away. please stop. i don’t need you. are you still here? i never did. i can’t stand the sight of you. why won’t you leave? let’s just be friends. i thought i asked you to leave. you don’t own me. get out. grow up, would you? i don’t want to around anymore. you wimp.”

– shinji

Now Playing: Plej  – Late Night Jazz Lounge CD1 – Blue


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